This Suitcase Ain’t Gonna Pack Itself #31WriteNow




There are few things that I dread more (well dentist appointments and seeing Miley Cyrus try to twerk again are up there with it).  I am going on vacation in 2 days and I still have yet to pack.  I am excited for my trip don’t get me wrong, like kid at Christmas excited, but I still haven’t packed.  I think the overwhelming thought of having to pack for several days worth of clothes considering every weather, fashion, and event eventuality make me crazy and tired all at the same time.  I alway tend to wait until a day before which will probably make me forget something but I just can’t bring myself to do it sooner. It a vicious cycle that I can not seem to escape. My first issue is I am kind of a shoeaholic so even if I am not gonna need them all I feel the need to take extra shoes. Secondly, the world is my runway so I need costume changes, you never know when a private listening party with Maxwell will happen out the blue (we will discuss my delusions at another time), so its important to have THE OUTFIT and a back up outfit. Thirdly I am kinda fashionably indecisive, too many choices intrigue and scare me.  Lastly I get distracted easily when it come to packing, for instance currently I should be packing, yet here we are.  OK let me seriously get back to packing let see if I can actually get it done tonight. With that me and my necrosis bid you goodnight.