the dilemma of what to write about in the first post has racked my brain for weeks now.

Do I go with the complete doscea of who and I am, where I from, what I do?

Do I reveal a story or anecdote that give you way to many personal details so you feel a sense of connection?

Do I remain vague and coy to play up the mystery and keep you coming back for more?

Or do I just say whats on my mind and drop the mic until the next post?

After I scraped all those I ideas I decided that  I was over thinking this way to much and I would just say….

My name is Nikki and I live in New York.  I am a natural hair enthusiast and shoe addict who owns over 100 pairs of shoes.  I’m fun-loving, sarcastic, outspoken, and a passionate about life.  I’m also quirky, a little neurotic, a tad bit ratchet,  but a whole lot of fun.

Sooooo come along for this ride with me I promise you will not be disappointed.