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When it comes to Rap/Hip Hop you always remember your first, Common “Used To Lover H.E.R” and as for me I loved HIM.  You know him everyone’s favorite Overweight Lover Heavy D.  He was my first Hip Hop crush, the energetic, fair-skinned rapper with the huge stage presence and waistline.  My friends thought The Boyz were so much more attractive but not me, it was all about Heavy in my eyes. I loved everything about Hev, his lyrics, his dance moves, even the chipped tooth.  He was fun Hip Hop, he was get on the dance floor Hip Hop, he was I can listen to this in front of my Mamma Hip Hop. Late year when Heavy passed away I was truly heartbroken, part of me truly mourned the loss of my first Hip Hop love who had just completed a new album (a really good album I might note) and was on the cusp potential comeback (even though he never really left).  A year later I still miss Heavy D for what he was, what he is, and what he will forever be. My love for Hip Hop is directly tied into him and his music, he was the spark, he was the soundtrack, he was the first. The Overweight Lover may no longer be in the house but he’s always in my heart.