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I had a blowout with someone I once considered a friend this weekend, well over the last couple of years this is someone whom I would now classify as a  frienemy. Someone who over the years despite my loyalty, dedications, and protection on several occasions intentionally hurt me and told me as much to my face (well over the phone). The person in your life that knows you from so far back that they remember things you’ve forgotten, but have done so much damage to you that you couldn’t trust them as far as you can throw them. So I am sure it begs the question – WHY WOULD YOU KEEP THIS PERSON AROUND?

Short answer is sometimes it hard to let go of a friendship that isn’t always bad but is not good for you.

I’ve known this girl since we were pre-teens, from losing our grandfather, high school graduations, college graduations, births of children, and every bad break-up known to man.  There were time she would have hurt me less if she stabbed me with an actual knife, I could have at least seen that coming.  The emotional cuts run deeper, hurt worst, and lasted longer.  It came to a point where I put a brick wall in between us in my heart and it was never the same again.  So truthfully the end was going to come sooner or later and sooner became this weekend.

We tend to cut our friends more slack then we would a boyfriend or a lover when we shouldn’t. We stay in dysfunctional non romantic longer then we should out of warped senses  loyalty and time invested even when a bad relationship is a bad relationship.  Maybe I am just preaching a sermon to myself now, but maybe I they only person who really needs to hear the word.