Your family members are supposed to be the people you have the most meaningful and close connection with in this world.  The people who know you best and  love you (and could possible give you an organ if you need it one day).  They can be the most positive and lasting influence on your life, but no one talks about when that same family acts like anything but.

Most family issues are covered under the “What happen in this house stays in the house” doctrine, you can be upset about it and you can even say as much, but the those utterances better not cross the threshold from the house into the world.  These practice are exactly what keep generational curse going on for ages longer then they should.  The Ghost of Passive Aggressive Past and the Spirit of Nows Not The Time to Talk about It hinder growth, honesty, and healing. Much like a closed mouth doesn’t get fed a festering wound cover with a just a band-aid doesn’t get healed. The question becomes “Is it more important to have a façade of happiness or to truly be emotionally honest?”

At this point in my life I am more concerned with happiness than keeping up appearances  I love my family but I don’t always love everything that goes on and I rather live in the present truth then dwell in the past hurts, what the other branches of this tree decides is up to them, but I pray the weight doesn’t bring down the whole tree.