Twitter have evolved from the 140 character way to summarize your day to people who cared, and evolved into so much more.  Twitter is such a distraction during this year that I had to stop checking my twitter feed at work, because the few times I have over the last couple of month is has completely shut down my workday.  I even go to my twitter feed for breaking news because twitter seems to get news now even before the Associated Press. As of late the trending topics and hashtag about social justice and satirical exchanges about race have been impossible to turn away from.  There have been days that I literally spend my whole lunch hours scrolling, refreshing, tweeting and retweeting. Today was no exception between

#SolidarityisforWhitewomen – a discussion/commentary on the treatment/role of women of color

#StopandFrisk – about the ruling in NYC that the New York City Police Departments use of Stop and Frisk as unconstitutional

If you are not following these current hashtags on twitter I suggest you do and get informed as well as see some of the people who are worth following on twitter.