Today’s A word is Anxiety

One of my dirtiest word because I put on anxiety everyday like a pair of panties.  I don’t want too but most of the time I truly can’t help it.  I hide it well, most people in my life don’t know unless I tell them directly.  I put on a confident façade and I walk through life with a smile on my face and a ball of worries in my stomach.  Mostly it brushed off by the people as “Oh you are a worry wart” or “your stress out over everything”, but it truly is out of my control most of the time. I work on a job where I have young adults depending on me, and I am mother, confidant, and counselor and my anxiety makes it hard to do a lot of the time. I worry about them, I worry for them, and then I worry about me for worrying for them.  I have learned to balance it better over the last couple of years but old habits still die hard.