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2013-08-17 18.58.49

I went out to dinner tonight with my sister at a restaurant in Time Square and bizarre seemed to follow us all night long.  Our adventure started off with an abundance of really short denim cutoff short and  a Mime flirting with us on the train.  Yes, a real white-faced no makeup mime, who proceeded to wave, wink and blow kisses at us from the next train car over.  When we got off the train at Time Square and got out of the train station at street level, we ran into a bald street performance artist  covered in silver paint face paint.  He walked up to my sister and told her “Damn your and amazon, gorgeous”, he then proceeded to yelled at the hotdog cart next to us that he was too close and needed to be careful not to hit our “fine asses”.  We walked to the middle of Time Square where all the performance artist and costume charters gather to allow people to take pictures for money and that is where we took the above picture.  Poor Chewbacca, his costume looking like some attached several track of weave hair to a brown jump suit and sent him out into the world. I usually avoid Time Square because truthfully I hate the congestion and the tourist who clog the street, but every time I do it never fails to entertain.

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