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Spa Castle-New York

Today to celebrate my cousin’s birthday we had a girls Spa Day.  It was relaxing and carefree and it offered some of the best counterbalance possible to current pace of my life.  Currently I am transitioning out of a job at my current site and into a brand new position at a different site and it has been an emotional process.  The students I work with have become a part of my life as I have become a part of their and its been difficult saying goodbye and letting go.  I’ve been doing so much to prepare them for the transition that I have pushed all my feeling about it out of my head and it has cause some tensions in my body.  I needed to de-stress and release some of my burdens, I just didn’t realize when my cousin suggested a spa day that it would be the cure for what ailed me.

My sisters, cousin, and I had a chance to talk, unwind, and unburden (and have some drinks) in a way that everyday life doesn’t always allow.  We laughed and related in a way that happens in those rare moments when you truly are enjoying the people you are with and you forget your cares.  We didn’t need any fancy body warps or hot stone massages it was just four girls, some saunas, some heated pools with massaging jets, great lunch, and great conversations.