I am visiting some friends out in the “burbs” this week.

So today I saw a gofer, a garter snake, a skunk, and in my bare feet I stepped on a bug that was crunchy.

I am over the suburbs!

I am very much a city girl, I like my animals in a zoo where I pay admission to see them, so I am over all this nature. I don’t even want to start talking about the 90 different classifications of bugs that have feasted on my body, every time I attempted to venture outside today. I mean I can appreciate the majesty of the outdoors and all  but it seems today all of the animal kingdom came out to greet me.  Moments like this when nature just being nature freak me out I realize I have been in the city way too long and that I’m probable not the person you want as you partner in a survival challenge. I am not completely unexposed to the great outdoors, I have been out in the woods before and even been camping (with cabins of course) but I realize that I am in no way a rough and rugged nature girl.  I need some bug spray, a beach chair, and a cocktail, and I am perfectly OK with knowing this is the person I am!