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My best friend and I decided as her early birthday present she would book us an appointment at a popular hair salon in Brooklyn.  We both have been natural for three years and have seldom visited a salon since.  She was the one who actually  convinced me to go natural and neither one of us have regretted since. She did a lot of research and said the salon got a lot of excellent reviews from “natural girls” and that is what helped her make the decision for us to go there. Excited about the salon appointment I went to their website to check out the reviews and price list and came across fine print that immediately turned me off:

“Additional charge for natural hair”

Ahhh the “natural hair tax” rears its ugly head again.  It’s really funny that the hair that grows out of my head would cost me more to do than hair I buy or relax.  I immediately emailed the salon to question them about the reasoning about their policy, and they essentially said it is not an ethic thing its a curly hair thing.  All clients with curly hair are charged more because of the time it takes to work with their hair. *sigh*

I am still going to keep my appointment tomorrow because it’s for the bff’s birthday and she is looking forward to it.  I will still be side eyeing the salon and straight-haired girls the entire time (and there will be a review with salon name included at some point this week)