There was a time when Pandora and I were going together.  I loved her, all I would have to do is tell her who I liked and she would play what I liked.  It started out perfect but cracks started to show, often commercial were louder than the music volume (I couldn’t take her to the office anymore).  She started adding odd people to my neo soul station (no 50 Cent doe not belong here).  Finally while she used to be so permissive now started restricting my freedom of skip. It went for hourly skips to monthly limits it was time for us to reassess our relationship. I decided the only way that we were gonna be able to at least stay friends was if we parted ways.  Then I met Spotify, sweet, new, beautiful Spotify and I fell in love hard. I put her on all my electronic, all I had to do is ask and she THE EXACT SONG I WANTED. All the beautiful artist and songs and the ability to make my own playlist. I have a 8 hours Blue Eyed Soul Playlist and she does not judge me.

Spotify I love you!