We live in a society where no one likes to be judged , people want to live fun and fancy free without the disapproving glares of others.  Truthfully its understandable because no one is living a life so pristine that they can look at others with a side eye for their choice in everything from shirt color to who you rolling home with at 2 am.  I am a firm believer in the “If You Like It I Love It” school of thought, if you want to do it even if I would do, enjoy and be safe.  There come a point when a persons decision making and choices may start to seep into you life and you have to decide whether or not the person and their situations need to be excommunicated from your life. Is it being judgemental or setting boundires when you cut someone off because you don’t want their messiness to rub off on your life?

I am not begrudging people their choice to live the way they want to, I live my life in a way that makes me happy and I believe everyone should be able to.  Yet and still people also have the right to say “Hey, if you doing things I don’t like and its starts negatively effecting my life in relation I have the right to separate my self from you.”  That is not judgement that is making a clear distinction for what you will or will not allow in your life.  For example, I had an acquaintance that made poor life choices, the person is selfish, and opportunist,  and she brought DRAMA wherever she went. She treats people who are supportive to her in an abusive manner, most people formerly in her inner circle have distance their self from her because of it,  The lone handful of friends she still have are starting to look like they are gonna go the same route as well.  The first thing she screams when people tell her she is living foul is “oh you all are judgemental and always judging with i do, but I don’t the same thing most people do, y’all just live sheltered lives”

Please understand that it’s not judgement if people don’t want to get dragged down with you when you live you life in a way they don’t agree with.  You can ask you friends/family to not judge your choices and be open-minded but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to not want to catch collateral damage from the fallout.  It’s a very fine line people.