I am drawing a blank on what to write tonight, I have somethings on my mind, but most not for public consumption. There are some ugly conversation I may have to have with a few people and a good-bye to my job site that I have to make this coming week that I don’t know how to make without bursting into tears.  I am kind of a mess this week, with the exception of the excitement of going to my first “Con”.

For those of you who don’t know what a “Con” its short for convention and mostly used in relation to Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming. Comics conventions (like Comic Con).  I am so excited on for the vacation before I embark on my new job and too because the people who I am going with are so great to be around I am expecting to have a blast. I am looking forward to sun, fun, and nerd stuff. I am hoping that the time away helps me to come back renewed and ready to conquer my all my new challenges.  Fingers crossed and hopes high.