Today’s blog is about a social media epidemic that has been running rampant through all my social media sites as of late – Oversharing.  Its great to get an update us on your new baby, latest vacation pics, or your engagement announcements, but no one cares about every mundane aspect of your life.  I think social media has convince some people they must live out EVERY SECOND of their life in 140 characters, filtered picture, status updates, and tweets. Its nice to share highlight of you life and even look to people/followers for support during a low moment but when it borders on chronicling you every moment on the site then you’re doing it wrong. There is a difference between volunteering information and shoving unwanted data down the throat of family, friends, and that girl you went to highschool with. It goes from being funny, to insincere, to really annoying, to the reason you keeping getting unfriended.  Unless what you had for lunch somewhat contains the cure for deadly disease, NO ONE CARES. If you and your girlfriend are having an ugly fight and decide to continue it on Facebook with a passive aggressive thread, NO ONE IS INTERESTED. More people need to use social media responsibly and with basic common sense (and if you are lacking borrow some from your neighbor).  If you need to talk about every single thing going on in your life might I suggest you get a therapist or a pet.