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Exhibit A – This hot buttery mess that is Miley Cyrus and the so-called twerk she did on Robin Thicke

Exhibit B- The collective looks of horror and disinterest to her desperate attempt to prove her transition to adulthood by appropriating black culture

I going to paraphrase from a quote from Paul Mooney “Everybody wants to be black but nobody wants to be black.  Everyone wants to take elements from our culture and use it to make them edgy or cool but no one actually want to live out struggle. I am really these Disney Princesses using element of black culture to elevate their media visibility but when a person of color does the same thing it “ghetto”, “tasteless”, “hood”, or “slutty”.  Our dance, our hair, our style of clothing, the way we express our self is always ripe for the picking and never attributed to us.  It goes back further than Miley Cyrus but it doesn’t make it any less infuriating.  This country was built on our back, our identities and rituals removed from us still they want to take more.

To address the “twerking”, what that young woman was doing up there was not twerking, it was a sad attempt at a cry for attention.  Twerking takes skills and practice and more than a minimal posterior, she failed on all 3 levels. Twerking whos roots stem from Bounce Music and further back African Dance is a celebrations of brown bodies, of movement, of our ancestors.  You want to see real bodies in motions alive with the spirit of the ancestors visit an african dance class or watch the dance floor at a african wedding.What little Miley does not realize that us as people of color do is that the cuteness of “being down with the homie” of it wears off really quick and the same people who say she is “so edgy” will be the same people not buying your music tomorrow. 

My little FYI for like white child lost-


All the black artist cosigning to your madness as well I believe are doing it for shits and giggles. These people don’t believe in your talent, sure as hell do not give you any “street cred”.  If you don’t believe me the screenshots of your peers faces during your stunt performance last night are telling. Really artist save their stunts for videos and let their talents speak for them.

Concerned Viewer